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Lack of temperature


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I may be wrong but I didn't think a lower temp for cold smoking would be an issue. Due to time of year I'd expect it to be lower. I smoked some Cheese last week because the weather dropped to 0-4c meant the cheese would stay chilled. I'd imagine a lower temp would be beneficial for Salmon as it would reduce the risk of unwanted bacteria growth. 

The longer the salmon is exposed to smoke I'd imagine a stronger flavour and could potentially make it over smoked/bitter. But I've never done cold salmon only hot smoked it. As you say best to get someone to test it. worst case scenario you can always make more. 

I'm not an expert, but it would be my way of thinking. 

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Hi Hoogle,

This was the first time I have cold smoked with the temperature below my usual 20 degrees C. I know you must not go above 30 degrees otherwise the fats melt and you start to cook the food. The result even after 24 hrs of smoking was bland. I used my usual oak clippings etc. well I have now got two more vivarium heat lamps and with the thermostat I can maintain 20 without any trouble.  I am suspicious as I have cold smoked salmon for 5 years now and this is the first time I have had a disaster!  The only difference was the temperature. The wind was bitter and from the north blowing into the open covered area I have the smoker so I can only suspect the temperature. Anyhow I will be having another go sometime in the next week, so we will see! I will report back!


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