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Any La Hacienda Seattle Kamado Owners?


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Im trying my best to find a suitable heat deflector/elevator for my LH Kamado, its a 15.5" cooker. The out of box setup works ok but I know it can be better with a little more elevation away from the firebox. Ive tried the DIY option of resting a pizza stone on some brackets but the stone was getting to over 300 degrees C on a low and slow cook and incinerated the bottom of some pork ribs :( Ive tried raising the stone but as the stone sits very close to the grill the same thing happens.


Ive contacted Ynni and Bono and they have tried but I'm still not sure if its going to fit, has anyone else tried.used.failed at trying alternative heat deflectors?


Ive attached pictures, (ignore the one with the pie tray I was experimenting with heat temps)


thanks for any help you can give






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