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Sous Vide Temperatures and Times


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Sous vide is French for "under vacuum" and is a method of cooking food in a plastic pouch, which is often vacuum-sealed and then placed in a water bath or steam environment. It uses an accurately regulated temperature much lower than normally used for cooking - typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables. It is cooked at this temperature for longer than normal cooking times - usually 1 to 7 hours, but up to 48 or more in some cases. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

The following are proven temperature and time combinations for different foods. These come from ChefSteps and the original chart can be downloaded here



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Beef, Steak Rare 54 129 1:00 2:00
  Medium 58 136 1:00 2:00
  Well Done 68 154 1:00 2:00
Beef, Roast Rare 56 133 7:00 16:00
  Medium Rare 60 140 6:00 14:00
  Well Done 70 158 5:00 11:00
Beef, Tough Cuts Rare 55 131 24:00 48:00
  Medium Rare 65 149 24:00 24:00
  Well Done 70 158 5:00 11:00



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Pork, Chop Rare 58 136 1:00 2:30
  Medium Rare 62 144 1:00 1:45
  Well Donw 70 158 1:00 1:30
Pork, Roast Rare 58 136 3:00 5:30
  Medium Rare 62 144 3:00 4:00
  Well Done 70 158 3:00 3:30
Pork, Tough Cuts Rare 62 144 16:00 24:00
  Medium Rare 68 154 12:00 24:00
  Well Done 85 185 8:00 16:00



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Chicken, Light Meat Super-Supple 60 140 2:00 3:30
  Juicy and Tender 65 149 1:00 2:00
  Well Done 75 167 1:30 4:30
Chicken, Dark Meat Tender 65 149 1:30 4:30
  Falling off the bone 75 167 1:30 3:00



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Fish Tender 40 104 0:40 1:00
  Tender and Flaky 50 122 0:40 1:00
  Tender and Flaky 60 140 0:40 1:00



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Vegetables Green 85 185 0:05 0:20
  Winter Squash 85 185 1:00 3:00
  Potatoes and Root Vegetables 85 185 1:00 3:00



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Fruit Warm and Ripe 68 154 1:45 2:30
  Cooked to soft (for purees etc.) 85 185 0:30 1:30



    Deg C Deg F Cook Time (hh:mm)
        Ideal Longest
Egg Poached 64 147 1:00 1:30


More information about Sous Vide cooking can be found at:

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That is great. Most meats work well with Sous Vide but personally I have not found it particularly good for fish.

I was recently asked why you could cook meat using Sous Vide at temperatures that are lower than the published safe cooking temperatures. The answer is that safe cooking is a combination of both temperature and time. There is some more detailed information about that here.

Understanding Safe Cooking Temperatures

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Right, sous vide is essentially pasteurizing the food, so it's not subject to the "danger zone" of having meat at warmer temperatures.

I'm suprised to hear about the fish, I've been told scallops and shrimp in sous vide are amazing, especially for texture. That's my next dish to try.

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I do get the pasteurisation points about temp and time .  I do also like rare steak st 54 deg s c and steak tartare, sushi, thinly sliced raw tuna, even raw liver sometimes!  Fish I am am not worried about salmon cooked to rare at 51.7 degs c or 45 mins ( lightly brined first for 4 hour tough)  You can also cook brined salmon at 41.3 degs c to firm up the fresh and sear it later so it cooked all the way through evenly. I have done this and it is better than putting straight onto the skillet)

Sous vide is ok on this point as long as the temp is at least 54.4 degs c, under that and if you are super safe conscious you might be worried, if not go for it you will probably be fine.  Never go below 40

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