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Low temperature problem


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I have been breathing in my new smoker bought from Tectake (tall rectangular shape), and the only charcoal I was able to get from local store was of the 'instant light' variety.  This I find is made up of a lot of quite small pieces.  After initial lighting, I find that there is a satisfactory rise in temperature, but this soon starts to drop off, and even more so when I open the door to inspect.  After that, it never really picks up, even after adding more fuel.  There are adjustable vents, top and bottom.  Should these be open to admit air or closed to retain temperature?

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Hi Jombo. I don't know the kind of smoker you have but normally I open both top and bottom vents to get it lit for more airflow and then use the bottom vent to adjust the air coming in to the charcoal. I suspect your issue is more to do with the charcoal you have rather than the smoker as instant light are pretty rubbish for low and slow as the charcoal is also covered in a lighting fluid which might make the food taste bad. Also, with small pieces it's not going to get time to get up to temp before burning out. It's probably worthwhile trying to get your hands on some regular charcoal before trying again and you might notice the difference straight away.

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