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White Smoke?!

Tom Mason

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Hi guys, got up first thing to smoke a shoulder today. Done it a few times over now and never had any issues but I seem to be getting rather alot of white smoke this morning. I'm using heatbeads (bought them a month or so ago) and 3 fist size oak chunks. Using sand instead of water too so its definitely not steam. I've attached a picture so you can see... any ideas?! Cheers,


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Thanks for the replies guys. It seemed to sort itself out about 10 minutes after I posted and been fine since. Not sure what it was. Sand had already been dried out previously but maybe not completely?... just struggling to get this pork over the line now. Wrapped in peach paper but struggling now its at over 180. Got it to 187 but over the last hour its gone down to 183 again. Smelling good though!!

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