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Mark Ware

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Just joined yesterday as i have recently purchased what i consider my first decent BBQ, a charbroil gas2coal, and the missus has very kindly bought me a smoking box and some pellets to use with it. I am now looking to take my bbq to the next level.

i look forward to some great advice from more seasoned experts. :)


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Hi...it went together really well. People claiming times of 3 hours seems long as it probably took 1 hour. Need quite a bit of space to put it together though and the firebox probably needs 2 people. Appears to be good build quality although i dont really have anything of quality to compare it to. Cooks really well. Its really handy that on the 4 burner you can do half charcoal and half gas. On the 3 burner its one or the other.

Not much control with the charcoal as the briquettes seem to be able to only go in one way and the height is not adjustable but with the 4 burner you can do indirect.

Trying to decide if i need a dedicated charcoal bbq as well for flexibility.


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