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crispy sweet and spicy korean chicken bites


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I have made this dish a couple of times before but decided at last minute to do it on the kamado since its nice and sunny outside😎

DSC_0021.thumb.JPG.a8d6780d61b7703668e854b67f39ffb6.JPGMarinated chicken.

DSC_0023.thumb.JPG.a802aa4ebae2c13ceb2956c09f6655aa.JPGsweet and spicy sauce.

DSC_0025.thumb.JPG.a71e4e0f2c481f3c8493bc1e188d3217.JPGbatter be ready.😉


steamed rice just about ready.


DSC_0031.thumb.JPG.2e2e48d76dd48ab4925524b1d33f2383.JPG1st batch draining, 2nd batch frying

DSC_0032.thumb.JPG.8e2d912785c550675401e83301e42194.JPGcrispy batter done and...

DSC_0033.thumb.JPG.5500e544216b3c3f3d490d19c6d2cfeb.JPGsauce in, only for only 60 seconds!

DSC_0034.thumb.JPG.78e7b2772a464371275c041e42751f86.JPGcrispy chicken combined with the sweet and spicy sauce😋


The crispy chicken turned out better than the other attempts i did on the gas hob....either the sustained higher temp was the difference or beginners luck....next time I will find out haha.

Overall it turned out great and it saved oil spitting all over the hob in the house😁

Thanks for looking!

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