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Newbie saying hi!!


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1 hour ago, Orangeharry said:

Hello all.

Would like to chat, so here we go...

Native to exotic Milton Keynes here. Let’s hope the weather picks up and we can start cooking with a vengeance. 

We’ll keep our fingers crossed!! 
 I’ve got a ProQ Frontier( I think). It’s ok, taken me a while to get the temp range sorted, but I’m getting there. Trying to build a lean to against my outhouse so I can use it in less than ideal conditions. Will post some pics when it gets there. 
What do you guys have?

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I've got a 57cm WSM. similar to ProQ (Bullet Smoker) I think they are great. Once they are dialled in they go for hours. At the start i worried about every slight fluctuation. Now I don't care. I'll let it go 10 or so C above. 

I built a wee shack for mine to get me through the Scottish Summers 🥶. It was only supposed to last a year but has went longer than planned due to Covid etc. 


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