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Smoked Brisket Texas Style on Lidl Mini Kamado


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Thought I'd share yesterday's success story.  Managed to squeeze a brisket just shy of 2kg into the lidl mini.

Rubbed generously in 50/50 mix of fine ground black pepper and some Cornish sea salt from Tesco (large crystals).  Got mini going at about 9:00 A.M. 225f (~110c), using 100% Big K lumpwood.  Made sure to top up water in my bowl/heat deflector all day.  Smoked about 6 ish hours with no need to wrap.  Pulled at 196f (91c) then rested in foil/towels/cooler for an hour or so and had good results.  Plenty of peppery bark, a nice pink smoke ring, and still tender and juicy inside.  Tasted delicious so very pleased overall.  I'm having great fun with this mini and it yielded enough for 4 of us to have brisket sandwiches last night with the same amount again as leftovers today.






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