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DIY Mobile Outdoor Kitchen/Tables?

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Due to our fine Scottish weather, I'm considering building an outdoor kitchen with wheels so that I can move my Lidl Mini Kamado and other grilling accoutrements to follow the sun (or dodge the rain, at least).

Curious to see what others have built.  I'm not sure what all I'd like to include, so far:

Hole cut out or stand for kamado?

Bottle opener?

Flat space for prep (maybe sink in a cutting board)?

A small sink to connect to the garden hose - although I'm not sure I'd have much use for this it could look good!

Cool box, or small fridge for beer?

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I am in the process of just designing my kamado table/countertop.

Mine is going to have the kamado sit inside the left side of the table (similar to all the tables you see on the web) and have some worktop space to the right. A big cupboard with door on the right side (with adjustable shelf) and a small cupboard with door on the left/under the kamado. Bottom half of the kamado will be covered with a louvered lift off panel for easy access.

I am currently in the process of changing/playing with the sizes to keep cost down as much as possible...easier said than done though because I will be making it out of stainless steel....which is expensive🤔

Im having a bottle opener on it though! thats what turns it into a 'luxury' countertop haha 😂🤣😂

A mini fridge would be nice🍻

Are you just looking for ideas at the moment?

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That sounds similar to what I'd be planning to build.  Yes, I'm just looking for ideas at the moment.  There are plenty to look at on a google image search but I'm hoping here I'll get ideas more suited to the UK, to mini kamados, etc.

Keen to know from folks who have already built one, what they like, dislike about their setups.

Please share pics of your countertop when it's ready, it sounds good!

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yeah I will share some pics once its done. Although it will be a while before its finished, Im going away in the 1st week of June so I will be starting the build after that (i hope to be finished by the end of june).

I started by measuring every dimension on the kamado and then planned around that, im going to make it about the same height as a kitchen worktop since that is a nice height🙂. One thing i am considering is getting a waterproof extension (if they exist?) and fastening to the underside so plugs can be hidden...not sure on the solution yet though lol

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I've been toying with an idea as I've been looking to get an outdoor kitchen but due to demand I can't get a landscaper until Nov/Dec. 

I've settled on these rough designs for my Mini Kamado. To lift it off the ground. I also haven't included the wood panels (T&G) that would surround the frame with a small door and shelf at the bottom and the trolley/table would be on wheels. 


It'll be a slimmer but taller tower as opposed to traditional table designs. This is to give a small roof to cover the kamado when not in use during the Dreich Scottish Summers 🤪 


The top/lid would lift off and attach to the sides to create some working space either side for tools etc. 


This is roughly how it would look with the Kamado inserted. 


This was my rough attempt at creating the Kamado to scale. 

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