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KJ are they worth it for a beginner??


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Hi, would really appreciate your collective wisdom on buying a kamado... my weber has packed up and I really want a kamado, I'm not terribly experienced but looking forward to learning!

I wanted to get an Aldi but they're as rare as hens teeth. I'm getting beguiled by a Kamado Joe but they're so expensive. Are they worth paying the premium for a rank amateur like me?

Many thanks!

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I was in your position 3 years ago.

I bought a Monolith Classic in the end and love it. I had only seen a kamado in showrooms previously and was a complete amateur.

One thing to add though is that I was not aware of the Aldi kamado at the time.

I think all brands are suited to beginners and experienced users. How well the food comes out is more down to the user rather than the brand (thats what I think).

I went with Monolith over Kamado Joe mainly because all the banding is stainless steel and it was a better bundle suited to me.

I dont think there is a wrong choice between brands. The more expensive ones come with a much better warranty and should be better quality to reflect the price difference. But the food that comes out of them are going to be extremely similar.

hope this helps👍

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