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Aldi Kamado versus Green Egg

Gary Mason

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Hi I’m new to the group and have had an Aldi kamado for the last 2 years. I’ve recently been thinking of upgrading to a green egg and i’m curious to understand if it’s actually worth it apart from the aesthetic perspective. For example does the green egg hold temperature better etc. If anybody has upgraded and has experience of using both types I’d really appreciate your views before I blow my wad 🙂

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Hi Gary,

I have had a Monolith (big green egg competitor) for almost 3 years and love it, but judging by pics and posts of other users I dont think there is much difference in the food that comes of them.

I have never used an aldi one personally so this is just my impression from others. If your happy with your aldi one maybe consider another one of those😜

Or see if you can go and have a look at the kamado joe/monolith/green egg showrooms to get a personal look👍

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