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First rack of ribs...


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Evening all,

New to the forum - been toying with the idea of cooking some ribs on the Weber 57cm for some time now, after constantly watching videos on youtube. Have never really done anything more than chicken, sausages, burgers etc so it was good fun!

Ribs - Baby back ribs with Cholula hot sauce binder
Rub used - Smokey Carter Pitmaster BBQ rub
Glaze - BBQ sauce, Cholula hot sauce, cider vinegar, brown sugar, cider (only because I was drinking some at the time!), BBQ rub, honey, salt / pepper, splash of water. Reduced down to 1/4 original volume
Method - snake
Wood - cherry
Temp - 125 - 150 degrees Celsius (struggled slightly with temp control, had to adjust vents every ~20-30 mins)

Cook times:
Unwrapped: 2 hr 30 mins, spritzed every hour with 50/50 cider vinegar / water
Wrapped in foil (2 layers) with brown sugar & cider vinegar: 1 hr 30 mins
Unwrapped (glazed): 30 mins



These were absolutely delicious. However, there are so many methods out there with different timings etc, would be great to know what everyone else does for ribs on their Weber kettles, as well as any tips etc for future cooks!



After 1 hour.jpg


Seasoned ribs.jpg

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