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Callow Door Handle


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Hi All,

Handle isn’t attached on a new smoker. Just wondering if there is another piece missing? Or a way to fix this?

I can put the handle and washer on the outside and pop the handle into the catch on the inside, but it just falls back out eventually. Is there another piece missing that holds it together?

I’ve sent an email to Scott@callowretail.co.uk but might call the sales number as not sure if that email is live. 


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I know nothing about these and the angle that the handle is photographed makes it difficult to see properly, but it looks like the handle pushes through the door from the outside and then the catch clips directly on to the handle, at 90 degrees to the handle

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Sorry not the best photo. It was as expected. Presses through the door and catch clips on. It was loose when I got it and fell off. I tried to get it back on and bend it back but wasn’t sure whether to bend the two forkS completely or was there a bit missing

 Spoke to Scott and he’s popping a new door in the post. All built and waiting to use.

Quite like how the water pan and lower grill sit tog1A72C2A7-620F-4A7E-893F-7A6E1945C5F6.thumb.jpeg.c313e4b16f1489d764fa8f4180830c21.jpegether 



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