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Help with callow version


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Hi guys,


I ordered a callow smoker from jtf.com at £89.99 which has just arrived.  I thought the price was great compared to other sites but I fear I may have received version 1 of the product and I have heard its been revised and improved since then to a third or fourth version.

The item number on box and user guide is CVBS01.  The base has 3 vents and charcoal basked has a solid metal band.  Have I received version 1?

My guess is jtf.com can sell at £89.99 because they are the channel for selling off any remaining v 1's

Any thoughts would be appreciated?







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You will almost certainly have the mark 3 (the latest). The way to tell is by looking at the fire basket- if it has wire rods as its base it is a mark 3. If it is pressed steel with punched holes then it will be a mark 1 or 2. The redesign of the fire basket was one of the main design changes for the mark 3.

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