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Newbie Smoker - Beginner advice/tips


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Hi guys,


Been reading some of the feeds on here and glad to see there are other keen smokers in the UK as well. I am extremely new to this (maybe barbecued 20+ times in my life ( I am only 26)). But I have just brought a Napoleon AS200 smoker, have tried pork shoulder but struggled to keep temp at 225-250 and actually finished it in the oven and brisket on it so far, was able to cook fully on smoker but with average results just wondering if anyone has any advice or techniques I could try as I see there are many types of smoker and not a mega about on how best to use a bullet smoker. Can't wait for any advice and awesome smoking to come!


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1 hour ago, Matty.wh said:

Hi Ice,


I will take a look no doubt about that! And yes it has a water pan. I use charcoal with a few coconut briquettes (napoleon brand) as they are meant to last 8 hours for steady heat.



Matt there's a load of us that don't put water in the pan....when you think about it....it as to be topped up with water.  We use sand in the pan...buy a bag of kiddies play sand from Homebase...it's sterile,  half fill the pan....there's a load of info on here about using sand.



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Hi Matt, have the AS300 version, I use the water pan but line it with foil first to aid cleaning. Not struggled with temp control. Tend to use a mix of lumpwood, same coconut briquettes & briquettes. Now try to keep smoker sheltered from the wind, to reduce the variables trying to control.

Look at the Pro Q threads as basically the same unit.....

See enough sand at work.......

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