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Brisket for Breakfast Anyone?


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Just about managed to shoehorn this 7KG piece of locally sourced brisket onto the ProQ yesterday morning. trimmed & applied an SPG rub 12 hours earlier.

Whiskey Barrel Oak was the smoking wood of choice on this occasion. 16 1/2 hours on the smoker. wrapped in butcher paper 8 hours in to minimise the stall, then ramped the heat up a tad. rested overnight wrapped in a towel & placed in a cool box.  Unwrapped this morning & had some on toast for breakfast with Sauerkraut. Lush :)

Cook SummaryIMG_20210404_084740.thumb.jpg.d33e8fcbc961c336b59b02f07b76f1dd.jpgIMG_20210404_100734.thumb.jpg.0e3e4b012ff9678a75d69df7390c01a6.jpg

I used GloBaltic briquettes on this cook. They did produce a lot of ash compared to Heatbeads or Weber briquettes, & the temperature was a bit hit & miss at times, so not the best in my opinion. I'll stick with their lumpwood for short cooks I think.

Cheers n Gone NIck


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