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First go at ribs


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I have had the Razzo for a few weeks now and have done a few chickens which have been fantastic and decided I was ready for a low and slow cook. 
I bought a 10kg pack of frozen meaty ribs, and cooked the first rack today. 
Dry brined for 2 hours then applied rub

Cooked at 230f with cherry and oak added for the first hour, as I didn’t want to over smoke but I will add more next time as the smoke was subtle for my taste

after 6 hours I glazed with a home made sauce and pulled out after 6.5 hours and served with slaw and potato salad, wow! They were fantastic, succulent with great texture  I had decided not to wrap because texture is important to me and I feel this was the right decision as the ribs were perfect for my taste 

i was surprised how easy it was to control the temperature, I had an empty bowl and was using lump wood and managed to control within 5 degrees for 4 hours then started to cool and had to work a bit harder, I then added another half a chimney and got back to steady temperature 

We both could not believe how good the ribs were which is lucky as I have another 4 racks!










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