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8 hours ago, SmokeyTom said:

St. Louis spare ribs this weekend. I was really happy with my last effort but still some things I can improve on so really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for the weather as you say. 

What cut of steak are you doing? 

I’m a fan of the steaks on Aldi. Normally I buy the Big Daddy 16oz rump steaks. £4.49. I think for the price their spot on. 

For Sunday I’ve got their extra thick cut Sirloin steaks.  400g £5.39 I think. You have to pick through them a bit but I’ve got a couple with good marbling. I’ll smoke these and reverse sear. 

The duck breast filets were £3.39, so I though I’d give them a try. I’ll look up some kind of Chinese 5 spice rub and grill them for crispy skin. 

I’ll add some pics when I’m home from work. 

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I did 2 racks of Babyback Ribs sweet and mild spicey cherry wood chunks on kettle with snake on Sunday, 3.5 hours at 135c to 150c;  they were decent but it was raining so no pics. Soz. for me not enough spice but swimbo like rd them though too spicey.  I took the salt level right down.  The sauce was black treacle bbq sauce i made.  Next time I will go cranberry and ginger cherry smoke. I am cooking from time to time some ideas for the next tailgate., got a dessert or two to try out too, cherry and almond tart  on kettle

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Rotisserie chicken this weekend, for dinner and then the carcass and left overs to make a stock for soup for Monday ( which is equally delicious the way swimbo makes it.  We pressure cook the carcass and left overs with some veg and it makes an amazing stock 

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