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hi from thailand


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hi all, 

from the uk originally emigrated to new zealand when i was 29, then moved to australia, vietnam, and now living in thailand all ways loved bbq even though im not that good at it, but just enjoy it so hoping i can learn new things on here and other websites where the people are so helpfull. served my time as a welder in 1987 so through the years i've built a few offset smokers, love looking at asian bbq methods because around the back streets you see some amazing bbq contraptions, where you think thats a brilliant idea, most street vendors tend to drive there bbq spits with windscreen wiper motors here. im just in the process of building a smoker from the thai clay oven that they use to cook chickens etc in the markets.





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4 minutes ago, soidogz said:

thanks ice, ill try and get a few recipes together have a good weekend mate.


BBQ'ing a rack of ribs this Sunday...and getting the cold smoker out tomorrow to smoke some Haddock fillets and 2 kgs of cheddar cheese  👍



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16 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Welcome to the Forum soidogz! Always love a good build!

Thankyou smoking monkey ill post some pics probably be asking for some advice on smoking meats/curing if you don't mind cheers have a good weekend

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