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Looking for recommendations

Allan N

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Looking for recommendations on a decent sized offset, I may have a budget of around £500 ish. 

I did find a char broil oklahoma Joe highlander online but out of stock ūüė£

Any suggestions welcomed, hopefully I will be able to make an informed decision 





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I know this isn't incredibly helpful but I think you're probably on the right track with the highland. I had a similar budget in mind when I bought my last smoker and ended up going with the highland and have been fairly happy with it. It needs sealing up a bit but its much better than my last smoker, a Landmann Grand Tennessee, which was somewhere in the £400 range when I got it, and isn't produced any more.

The other good thing about the highland is it's a well known model and there's loads of videos on YouTube on how to cook with it or modify it to get the most out of it.

Those are the only two offsets I've owned so that's all the advice I can give but you might be best off putting down a pre-order for the highland.

Best regards,


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Yeah that's my issue, I'm worried  about putting a pre order on incase I can't get it because of covid but yeah that's what I was thinking, the Highland would be ideal.

 I'm kinda hoping someone comes back to me here and says hey you could get this 1 that is UK built or something 

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