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Weber kamado or smoke fire pellet grill


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I wonder if any can advise me I am looking for a new Weber grill was looking at the new kamado and was all ready to purchase but then saw the Weber smoke fire pellet grill 

so I am looking for advise which one would be best ,I do a bit of low and slow smoking and searing steaks ,burgers any advise would be greatly appreciated 

thanks Jon 

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Can't help you with a comparison as only own the Smokefire.  Have you thought about ringing Weber UK and asking if any of there BBQ courses use both machines so you can compare them in action before buying. The courses aren't cheap, but maybe mention that if you go to a course (if they do one), would they be willing to offer a discount if you attended a course and ended up buying one?

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53 minutes ago, Jonboy said:

Thanks for the advice 

how do you find the smoke fire pellet grill had mixed reviews? 
thanks Jon 

I love my machine and it has opened so much more to outdoor cooking compared to my old bullet smoker for me. It undoubtedly had problems at launch this time last year (I experienced most of them) but had mine a year and if you bought one now they have really all been sorted out and with the regular app software and firmware updates it is running really well and this is how it should have been at launch really, you may find a few niggles but it has mechanical electronic and electrical parts and they're always subject to small problems along the way as with most things.. Put a piece of pork shoulder on 4 hours ago, haven't had to go out once to it since starting it up, just looked at the app on my phone a couple of times to make sure the temp is stable and how the IT of the meat is doing.

Some people may say that takes all the fun of outdoor cooking. But it's minus temp out there, I don't want to keep going out every hour messing with vents, topping up water pan and putting wood and coals on and I also have shopping to do this morning and football to watch this afternoon 😃 Except for spritzing, I can do everything from my phone if I want to for this cook, it'll warn me from the temperature alert I set when it has reached an IT of 210F or any temp I wanted to set for this cook  if I wanted to wrap it at any stage etc.



The main thing though is Weber standby their product in my experience and any difficulties or faulty parts, Weber have replaced FOC no questions asked, just arrive on my doorstep 24-48 hours later. When you look at the masterbuilt and the shitty firebox falling to bits after a couple of months and basically told tough luck and no customer service interaction about it, I am so glad I want with the Weber. If you're spending that sort of money, Customer Service and how they deal with you is just as important as the product itself imho. 

If you have any specific questions or worries about the Smokefire  I, or maybe other Smokefire owners can help you with answers on here. There is a dedicated Smokefire thread on here that may help you answer some of your questions/worries also. As for the Summit Kamado, not seen anyone post any info on here about it, so you may need to look elsewhere for info on it.

If you have that sort of money to spend there are other brands of pellet grills out there that are meant to be very good as well, designed differently to the Smokefire but still reach 600F for searing steaks and have good firmware/software alongside the machine and have been at market longer than the Smokefire if you're particularly worried about owning a Smokefire .



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Thanks very much for the information 

really helpful 

I own a large Weber bullet smoker also purchased a Weber spirit gas grill last year and have a good few Weber accessories and can’t fault any of the items 

The Kamado that Weber have brought out is due in May time according to most retail outlets,unless someone had one imported from the states but thanks for sharing your info much appreciated 


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