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Hi from Tom in Shrophire


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Hi I'm Tom and I'm a BBQ/Smoking enthusiast from the county of Shropshire.

I first got into general BBQ about 8 years ago thanks to a book my wife got me as a birthday present. Since then I've gradually drifted more and more towards American style smoking in an offset. I started off with a Landman Grand Tennessee, which I unfortunately did not take good enough care of and it rusted right through in the firebox after 7-8 years. I'm now on an Oklahoma Joe Highland, which is a much better smoker in my opinion even though it really does seem to need those sealing modifications to be effective.

In the last year or so I've started to take BBQ a lot more seriously. My wife has always traditionally done us a Sunday roast every week, so this year I've taken the step of giving her Sundays off and committed to smoking something every Sunday without fail. Even if its just chicken wings, Sunday is BBQ day! I've been doing this for about three months now and it really helps.

I don't seem to take many pics but I found the stuff below on my phone. Just a photo of my setup and a few things I've smoked recently.







Thanks very much for letting me join your community!

Best regards,


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