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Pastrami. The best cut to use, the point or the flat?


Pastrami. The best cut to use, the point or the flat?  

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I'm planning on making some Pastrami in the coming weeks & just been looking online for some guidance. I'd normally buy a full packer joint, but see that for Pastrami people seem to either use the just the Flat or the Point. What's the preference?

There seems to be more detail where the Flat has been used in the UK, of course this will make a leaner cut compared to the Point which the Americans seem to favour.

I've also added a poll, just because I found I could!

Cheers n Gone Nick 




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The flat for me. A more even slice and, to be honest, most of the flavour is actually from the cure/rub/marinade/injection anyway. The meat gives the flavors texture. 

When we judge competition BBQ we look for the point where Brisket ceases to be Brisket and becomes Pastrami. That point is reached when the flavour of the meat becomes less pronounced than the flavours of the things added to it.

Use Point or Flat. Both will taste great.

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