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Hi everyone!

Rusty O

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Hi everyone.  My name is Russ and I've just built my own cold smoker for smoking salmon to start with, but hoping to do other fish, cheese, garlic and maybe bacon.  Pretty experienced cook and have some catering experience, mainly pop ups.  Done a lot of slow cooked BBQ work in the past with my Weber but always been interested in cold smoking, so gave it a try!  Looking to do my first curing/smoking this weekend!  Wish me luck!

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Hi Russ and welcome to the forum.

It is great news that you have built your own cold smoker. Do you have some photos you can share? People on here smoke using a wide range of cold smokers - from simple cardboard boxes, through kettle and bullet smokers, to professional cold smokers. Each have their advantages and challenges.

Have you tried cold smoking salmon before? If so then it would be good to hear how you do it as everyone has a slightly different method. If not then let us know which method you are planning to use and we may be able to offer some advice.

Have you tried curing your own bacon before? If not then it is very straightforward and we can give you some good pointers.



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Thanks Wade.  Yes I do have some pictures but haven't a finished one just yet so will get one taken tonight and upload them to this thread.  Not cold smoked anything as yet but doing a 24-48 hr cure with salt and sugar (dill and juniper too) then drying in a fridge with a 6 hour smoke in the smoker.  Hoping that is a decent start, but appreciate there's no fixed way and depends on your smoker.  

I've spent a good amount of effort researching smokers and have used old (but clean) pallets to create the smoker.  Saw your advice on airflow too, so it's raised up with a slatted floor and going to put three drill holes in the top to ensure decent airflow.  Got a thermometer to ensure a temp between 20-24 C also.


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