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Hi from Southampton


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Hi Martin and welcome to the forum. Are you looking to hot smoke or cold smoke - or both. What have you tried so far and what else do you fancy trying?

you mentioned that you have modified one BBQ into a smoker and are currently building a new wooden one. What have you done and what are you doing? We love to see what ideas othersmokers have - we love to see new ideas and are never too old to learn from others. 


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Hi Wade,

As I said, mainly been dabbling up to now, I started making biltong a few years ago, making a biltong box and the results were pretty good, this also got used for drying herbs and chillies.

I then moved on to smoking but have always struggled to manage the temperature in my adapted bbq when hot smoking but have had good results with hot smoked pheasant, wood pigeon and trout.  This worked well for cold smoking and have cold smoked garlic, cheeses and fish.

I do a bit of fishing so hoping to do a lot more fish smoking than I have in the past, both hot and cold smoking.

My old bbq has now rotted out so taking the opportunity to build a smoker that I will be able to control the air flow and temperature so that I can get more repeatable results.

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