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The bacon is now finished!!

I can't say we won't ever buy bacon again, we are online shopping at the moment therefore there are issues getting the right piece of pork, but home cured and smoked will be our first choice. 

On with the photos 

The pork - a piece of Waitrose essential belly


Sprinkle on the cure


Give it a good rub in


Ready for bagging up


Off to the fridge.


After turning daily for 10 days, rinsed, dried and ready to rest for a day or two in the fridge


After a rest, strung and into the smoker. Cherry wood dust in a ProQ maze, around 10.5 hrs (a full maze worth)


Smoked, wrapped and into the fridge for 5 days


Rested and ready to go


A few test slices


The proof of the bacon is in the eating........Definately worth the effort, even enough bacon fat to cook the egg!!



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Thank you Wade. We were very happy with the way it turned out.

As advised we tried the outer edges green, although salty (thanks for the warning) we would have been happy to leave it at that point but our preference is for smoked so we forged ahead.

The first few rashers (some of which are pictured above, alongside the egg) were used after 5 days resting. At this point we thought we would try a little shorter smoke next time, however, we had some more a few days later and the smoke had mellowed further and was just right, it seemed to have evened out through the meat.

We are hoping to get out and buy some loin next week and get started with making smoked back bacon. We both really like the extra fat of the streaky but I fear our arteries would disagree😁.

I'd like to think all our bacon will be home made, all I can say is we'll do our best!

Thank you to Wade and others for your wealth of knowledge and help on this site👍.

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