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Netflix American BBQ Showdown


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Have just started watching it - now on episode 3. Really enjoying it. Yes, it is showing the contestants that are one-horse-ponys but at least they have judges that have real world experience of cooking BBQ. I love the ingredients they are being given and (so far) there have been some good real world challenges. Looking forward to seeing more.

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I have now finished watching all of the episodes and I think it was a great series. It shows the practicalities of real word general BBQ in an informative and entertaining way. I am sure that a lot of us have cooked for a crowd of family and friends with time running out, suddenly remembering that you have forgotton to start one of the dishes and at the last minute having to create and cook a completely separate dish for the surprise vegan guest who is allergic to celery!!! It also showed that it is possible to produce great BBQ without having to follow the BBQ world established "norms" of temperature and time.

In many ways the program reminded me of our national smoking weekends just before the turn it deadline. 😱

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