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Are Pit Boss BBQ Smokers Worth The Money ?


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Hi Guys 

I have always loved BBQ smoking & definitely think that a BBQ smoker is the way to go. My old Traeger has just packed up and i was looking to buy another but the prices of the new ones is a little bit ridiculous. I know they all come with wifi but to be honest i barely ever use it. After looking around online i stumbled across Pit Boss BBQ Smoker. They seem to be very big in the US but not very big in the UK. The biggest selection I've seen is at a company called Buff BBQ . The seem to have most of the pellet smokers listed on the Pit Boss website, they also stock Louisiana grills which I've just found out is owned by the same company. The guys seem really helpful but before i buy one i wanted to ask a couple of questions on some forums to make sure I'm not wasting my money. 

1.) How does Pit Boss compare to Traeger as a Pellet Smoker

2.) Has Anyone used Buff BBQ before & are they a reputable dealer? 

3.) Which is the best Pit Boss smoker to go for ? 

4.) Their site says they come with a 5 year warranty, is this actually the case or is this just a sales technique?


Sorry if these questions have been asked elsewhere, I'm new to this site.




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