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I do know of folks that make up headed note paper and use that as proof.....is it right???  that's down to that person. I found it very easy and did my card at the store, took but a couple of minutes....

I have a card and I'm allowed to take a friend in with me if I so wish....do you know anyone with a card that would take you along??




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I have a picture of my mates barcode on my phone, just offer it up to the scanner on the way in and use their hand held gun to scan the goods. He is a small one man consultancy, so is a low buyer. I help keep his account active! Toilet rolls, kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets are the star buys. Along with large tins of anchovies! Some things are cheaper in Tesco, so you need to watch the prices.

Only rule is I pay for everything I get, namely not to bill him for my goods!!


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