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Just Bought One Of The New ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinets

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These came out last month (Wasn't even aware of it before today), ProQsmokers sold out so had to get from BlackboxBBQ, from the dimensions not massive and will have to hang a side of salmon from it, rather than lay flat, But should hold 2 or 3 Pork bellies around 1kg each and the same with cheese, which is ideal for me. Designed to use with the ProQ maze and is weatherproof (galvanised steel) and the holes are at the back so can use in the rain etc Tick all my boxes and hopefully will arrive sometime next week. Will post piccies, when I get it




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It looks good and I am sure it will do a great job. The first couple of times you use it I would pop a couple of digital thermometer probes in (one at the top and the other at the bottom) to see what kind of temperature gradient you are getting with the smoke generator lit. The small ProQ maze smoker creates less heat than the Amazon pellet generator however it can cause a confined space to warm up quite quickly. The thin walls of the smoke chamber will hopefully dissipate this effectively.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it 👍

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Arrived today, bought a new CSG as my old one had seen better days, will try it out with a few blocks of cheese tomorrow to see how it performs and check temps. Not ideal 9 degrees forecast tomorrow, but not really forecast to go much lower than that over the next 2 weeks anyway.

Looks like it will hold 3 pieces of pork belly/loin around 1.5kg each, 2.5kg of cheese per rack. Fish will have to be hung from the top but should easily hold 2 or 3 sides of salmon

Magnetic door




2 vents at the back at top to let the smoke escape





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Put 2 small blocks of cheese in it this morning to try it out. The outside air temp was showing 56F and with the cheese in and door closed and CSG on it climbed to 59F so all in all not to bad. (Would have put a couple of ice packs in, but none in the freezer) but as cheese should be ok.

So looks like the internal temps when working are pretty well matched to the external air temp, so pleased about that and the smoke comes out the back from the top 2 vents nicely.

Hopefully this video works to show the visible smoke from the back and the photo shows the space inside with 2 blocks of cheese




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After just under 3 hours smoking, came out a lovely yellow colour (started out creamy white) all round the outside and imparted a good smoke smell to them. Putting in the fridge for a few days to let the smoke settle and then get stuck in.

2 slabs of pork belly for bacon curing at the moment, hoping to get them smoked later next week.


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Did a couple of slabs of bacon last night, couple of things I noticed different from doing it in my old ProQ Frontier to this.

1) A whole maze of dust burns through in around 5 hours, in the Frontier it could go 12-14 hours with the same amount of dust. I Assume it is airflow as considerably more smoke is generated with this cabinet than I could ever achieve with the Frontier.

2) Imprint of the rack is left on the meat once removed, hopefully will disappear over a couple of days, whilst allowing the smoke to settle on the meat, if not then hanging it may be the way forward.

3) Quiet a sticky mess and a couple of small grease pools inside the cabinet after 12 hours of smoking and will only build up over time. Should I leave it (seasoning) or scrub it out every so often? With the Frontier, you know it would be burnt off in the next cook, not so with this cabinet.

4) Proof of pudding will be in the eating, but the colour of the meat after smoking far surpasses anything I ever did on the Frontier, it has a gorgeous yellow colour to the fat, really looking forward to trying it, looks and smells way better than anything I have cold smoked on the Frontier before.




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