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Lamb Shawarama

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Marinated a boneless Lamb shoulder overnight. Filled Stoneground Pita Breads with Parsley, Mixed Salad leaves and beetroot stalks and a Pico de Gallo mix along with the Lamb Shawarma. Did 1 with a Tahini dressing on top and 1 with mayo as first time made it and wanted to see what went with it. (Tahini worked really well)

Did Smokeboost for 1 hour and 350F for just over 2 hours , to an IT of 180F





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You're welcome, produces a tasty dish and when my wife says you can do that again, then I know it's a pretty decent meal 😀 I used this Tahini, bought a couple of others in the past and they have been pretty disappointing. But this one was spot on, mixed with some water and lemon juice, much smoother and the right consistency.

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54 minutes ago, Skagg2000 said:

Would a leg of lamb, butterflied be a suitable alternative for shoulder in this meal?

Cheers n Gone Nick

When I was researching recipes for this, some used leg of lamb, I chose the shoulder for the extra bit of fat, but sure if you leave the outside layer of fat on the butterflied leg, it should be good.

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So inbetween a few other outside job in the garden today i set up the ProQ with some globaltic lumpwood & olive wood for flavour I had a go with this Lamb Shawarma using a Lamb leg I butterflied yesterday & set in the marinade overnight. 

Came out rather nice, extremely tender & the smell when it was resting in the kitchen was amazing

Lamb Shawarma ready to smoke

Lamb Shawarma smoked with Olive wood

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I let it go to 170f the recommended 185 seemed rather high and running the risk of dry meat. 

170 is high for me I like my lamb medium to well do usually closer to 145f

As I butterflied the leg yesterday and marinaded it then I knew where the meat had been so wouldn't have worried about a lower I

Cheers n Gone Nick 

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