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Sawdust etc


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I'm just starting out with a second hand Bradley. The pucks are expensive and I hope to make my own. 

I have been looking at sawdust online and have since been warned off as a lot comes from furniture makers, and could possibly contain MDF or other woods.

So today, I thought what about a whiskey barrel and then shave it down with an electric plane. Its an idea...

What does the team think?


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Bradley pucks run for 20 mins, and cost a minimum of 33p each, and up to 50p each, so £1 or more  per hour smoke as a minimum. 

I'm just your typical tightarse!! I'm retired so time is available. Electric plane and some starch, a bit of pipe and a vlamp to compress them. The theory is good and proved, its the cost or quality of the wood thats the problem.

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