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Hi To All


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Hello All,

Stumbled across this site and it looks like there's lots of people into smoking and loads of help and tips too.

Have upgraded to a Pro Q Frontier bullet smoker and starting to get to grips with it! I'm coming up with lots of questions and sure will need some tips, I will try to search and see if I can find previous answers to similar questions before I ask.

Looking forward to many hours of meat smoking time.

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Thank you Ice that's appreciated!

Slowly getting to grips with the smoker.....Hardest thing so far is reliable fuel, trying a few brands. Think half the battle is having even sized lumps. I like lump wood and find briquettes good for quicker high heat cooking and lump for slower cooks.

Practicing with the water reservoir to maintain a good temp for longer times, but struggling to get a long burn with a decent load of fuel, perhaps that's using the water, as I'm reading about. Am adding wood chunks and a good amount of water for the first couple of hours during a longer cook, then towards the end I'm emptying the water and ramping up the heat when I add a glaze or sauce mop and a last single wood chunk just to freshen up the smoky flavour ....

Most of all it's great fun playing with it and eating the results !!



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