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My 4th Smoke attempt - I did ribs


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hi all,

Been a while since i posted, so just a post to show what i did (and i think i got this one good this time! :D  )

I used briq's (bar-be-quick) and some weber charcoal, minion method, and throughout the 6hr smoke, added more briq's and moved the coals around to break up the ash, with the occasional sticking my head into the door to blow air in (typical, no wind on the day i get the smoker out!)

I got 3 racks from a butcher (£5 per rack from a butcher van), cut them into a st loius style, then bought a rack from sainsbury so i could try another new rub..
I used different flavour rubs from Smokey Carter & 1 from Angus & Oink.....
rubbed 3 days prior to cook...
Got my temp to about 270f, and managed to keep it that way...
Used full pan of boiling water, with a top up at 4hrs......
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,  put ribs on, let them be for 4hrs, took them out, wrapped in tin foil, put them back in smoker for 2hrs...
End Result ?  WOW, and i mean WOW !!  they were soft, awesome flavour, and just generally, awesome!!  as it was my 1st attempt at ribs, it was done as a test, so had a few neighbours round to try them out...  there was no leftovers, which is a good sign ! :D

Enjoyed doing it, but the prep, crikey, took an hour!!  Worth it though i guess, amazing what i achieved with cheap cuts!









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