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Another Story.

Gaza the Instructor

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It all started in the pub about 4 weeks ago. My bro was 55 last Saturday. Music ,lights, a band

booze and food. Ok should only be 10 people, in honesty there were a few more!!!

What food?? Pulled Pork and Sausages and burgers on the grill.

Well can we talk about Pork Butts?? Costcos sell them about 2kg a piece boned and trimmed £8.

So bought 4 and at 6 on Saturday morning lit the WSM, minion method 9kg head beads, water pan full

and after 25 mins added 4 butts in deep foil trays and 3 fist sized oak chunks.

Great smoking under a canopy rain falling adjusted vents for 235f and meat probes in two of the butts.

6 hours later at 162f the dreaded stall.so about 1.30 Foiled the tops of trays as tight as poss.

Back in WSM, fluild 1/2 inch deep in trays so tipped a little poured over some apple juice and Honey

before I foiled my rub which I had not mentioned was smelling great and the bark was good.

205f reached on both probes about 5.30. So out and rested for 45 mins. Bear clawed and packed into 2

new trays and foiled with a sprinkle of rub, back into a warm WSM (150f).

Served with warmed wraps BBQ sauce and all the trimmings. 

Got to admit the best yet moist, smokey, spicy and hot!!!

I think cooking in the trays helped a lot and even added to the flavour because of juice retained.

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