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Given the very unpredictable weather we are having in the UK I thought a discussion about how we work around this might be interesting...........

When teaching people the basics about direct and indirect cooking on a barbecue I often recommend people "weatherproof their barbecue" by making a made up casserole type dish  the night before to be able to offer your guests food even if the rain makes you come inside. I'm still very new here so I hope I have added the link to my recipe correctly ? If you click on the photo it should take you to the full recipe on one of my blogs.  

                          Texas Chili with All the Fixings©Kevin Ashton 2004



I have also made a video version of the chili recipe that you can find if you click on the link below.



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Working well, chicken kebabs done and it was hammering down, its now muggy n sticky, just bring ing temps up, then corned beef brisket , going on 👍 pics up tomorrow👍 cabbage done with sriracha and worcestershire sauce and roasted spuds mmmmmmm gunna be late night but lots of resting wrapped in a cool box.

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