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Aarrgggghhhh y does this happen


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So we did our monthly meat shopping yesterday, brisket (for this weekends corned beef) 2 trays of chicken breast , mince (lamb beef and pork) chicken quarters 2 trays of 15, pork butt,full belly of pork inc ribs 4 racks of baby backs all in all about £250  of food...... And the inevitable happens the dam 15year old freezer fails. So im now filling parents ( dont think they have seen this much food since i was a kid and im 50 ) freezer and neighbors freezer as i can get a new one till this arvo and itll need 24hours to be cold enough to fill it. What a poo Friday, didnt need this when i got up👍😭 then i have had to make sure of the size as its built into the cupboard under the stairs.

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Chin up, look at it as an opportunity to invite friends round and show off your creativity😀

seriously though, good luck storing it all before the new freezer can be used

cost us about £100 15 years ago, mainly large Dover soles, halibuts steaks & turbot

got a friendly butcher who could help you, know mine would, just a thought

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I can sympathies. My 700 l commercial freezer gave up the ghost 4 weeks ago and its contents had to be distributed to friends. I now have a stainless steel freezer that would make someone a great cold smoker.

Good luck with finding the replacement :thumb1:

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Thanks Wade, I really appreciate your kind words about my BBQ videos.

I do feel people tend to jump into barbecuing without knowing where to learn the basics, so that's why I made the videos.

When I BBQ I like to create a "kitchen" outdoors so everything is to hand to avoid racing back and forth to the house.

I do have a handful of  Barbecue blog posts (with recipes) folks can find here Barbecue Cookery

I want to make further bbq videos and talk about "slow and low" other interesting subjects such as the snake method though due to the unsettled weather this might not happen until next year. I will be posting additional short videos such how to cut up a whole chicken in the next few days.

I do want to say how grateful I am for the continued warm welcome I've been getting on this forum, I too want to learn from you guys.

Best Wishes


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