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Smokey Mountain

Andrew Smokes

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I currently do my smoking on a weber kettle as I'm quite new to smoking. However, I have just been given the chance to buy a weber smokey mountain from a friend, its still boxed and untouched.


My questions are:

Is 37cm big enough? Does a smokey mountain make smoking easier? Is a new 37cm smokey mountain a steal at £180? Is it easy to use? And anything else you think may help me decide what to do. 



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What size is your kettle? If you find this ok for your current cooks & believe the 37WSM is large enough for your foreseeable needs then is the price one you are happy to pay?

can always use the kettle in conjunction if saying doing ribs or pulled pork on the WSM and want to do fast and hot as well

have a broil king gasser & Napoleon Apollo smoker so do use both  when the non smoke crowd come round🤐🤐🤐

Apollo smoker is the bigger model but that was what was available when in the market to buy smoker, as availability of bullet smokers has been a bit scarce this season

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I think for that price it is worth it. I have a 37 and it suits me fine for the time being. They aren’t too difficult to use, I messed up on the first three or four times, but practice makes perfect, and there is a lot of help on the forum.

The end of the day the two important questions for yourself are: can you afford it? Do you have space for it? If both answers are yes then I would say go for it. 

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i have both the kettle and the smokey mountain.  They re different types of cooking. Easy to use, no it is a learning curve.  You learn to get better and better at using it, we can help you with that.


Some people fit a smartfire or similar to it to regulate airflow and that is another learning curve with how to lay out your briquettes related to the fan etc.  More money too to set up.  I would read up if I was you


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