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Stalls and drops


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Hi All,

A question on stalls and temperature drops.

Me and a friend have both experienced this where a stall turns into a drop that doesn't recover. If you wait it just gets dry so I've started wrapping earlier if it goes down.

Is it normal that some smokes can be over cooked and under temp?

Is there a link to the meat thickness? This happened on 2 thinner cuts of brisket where there was less meat mass.  Big pork shoulders seem to work as expected on internal temps.

Curious of what you gurus think.




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Sorry man, i couldn't respond, due to new at this myself, sont know what smoker you are using. 

I was using a cheapy aldi with good mods and id start to stall, id clear my ash and top up with fuel, stopping the stall.

Heat drop or a stall can only be caused by a lack of fuel or oxygen feeding the fuel? 

I binned the cheapy and splerged on something a lot more exotic that holds the heat and burns longer because of thermal dynamics and convection👍

Whats ya rig?



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