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Regulator Question


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I have a 7kg gas bottle with a 27mm regulator. I have been trying to find a regulator with a flow/pressure control on the regulator but can't find one...Do they exist? Can you get one for that kind of bottle?

I know you can get them on the regulators for larger 47kg bottles where the connection to the bottle is threaded rather than the clip on that you use on smaller bottles but no luck finding one for what I need so far.

I been looking for one as I have made my own set up with a burner, heat distributor and lava coals but the gas flow is too much and the flames are rising up past the coals

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Prolly better off changing your burner to one with a volume control knob.

 I think gas regulators are designed to come at a certain pressure to avoid any chance of a flame being sucked into the bottle. 
Better And safer to control at the appliance end.


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Thanks for the responses. I use regulators at work with flow controls for 47kg bottles throughout the winter so I know it can be completely safe. Just doesn't seem like they are available for 13kg or 7kg bottles. I imagine its because the connection to the gas bottle isn't threaded.. never mind back to the drawing board

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