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Broil king xl


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Looking for as much info on the new 2020 broil king, the new one has gasketed smoke box and insulated fire box both double walled. 

This peice of kit looks great in the shop but i need real world experience and use information, ive made a £70.0 aldi smoker work well with a couple of mods 

This new broil king has the baffles already and insulation around all the doors done. 

Any help appreciated. 

The aldi unit will be staying for small bbq'ing i love it

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43 minutes ago, U can do that again said:

Assume you mean the offset smoker,.

Can only directly comment on my experience with a Broil King gasser, no issues to report, reliable, well made, does what it says on the tin.

Mates in the states advise checking the Amazing Ribs reviews section which is free to access, just deal with the ads unless you subscribe.


Yes the offset, ive found a russian vid on youtube that was posted at a bbq/outdoor show in march that shows the heavy insulated door, , but its all russian to me 😂🤣😂 

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Ok i bit the bullet, IMG_20200730_171130_775.thumb.jpg.e4c42a64acf676f31f078ec9c2c3550d.jpg


Bbq barn were amazingly helpfull, Katrina and Richard were a big influence,  i bought the display unit and they are delivering it for meí tomorrow, pics while seasoning and pointing out the interestíing bits and a small review tomorrow👍

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