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Newbie in Glasgow


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Hi folks,

New guy here and to smoking in general.

Built my first UDS at the start of lockdown and have had a few runs of various different things.  Enjoying the learning the process and really enjoying eating the results.


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There is a photo of my UDS when it was first built, haven’t taken anything recently. 

I’ve had a few good runs lately, I built a fan PID to auto control the heat and have done a couple of through the night cooks. Haven’t taken any photos of it unfortunately but so far it appears to be reasonably good. 

Managed to get a full brisket last week, 4.5kg direct from a farm butcher and put it in on Friday night. 18 hours later, through the heavy rain and the results were very enjoyable. 





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Hullo Sammy,

I’m glad to find there’s a few Jocks on here, spent ages googling for Scottish BBQ forums.

Like your Drum Smoker! Brisket looks good too.

I done my first brisket (went all out and done a full one) a few weeks ago which came out not bad but maybe a bit dry, got the pierce check bang on but temp was low after listening to the yanks on YouTube, so left it another hour and think that’s where I went wrong.

Im wondering where you got your brisket from? I spent days trawling the internet for a local farm or butcher who would do local meat and not just the same stuff the supermarkets sell, and the best I came up with was a company in Yorkshire called Gridiron Meat. Their stuff is awesome and same price as butchers so was a win win, but didn’t tick the “local box”.

Generally new to the smoking thing so not sure how this forum thing works, hope this isn’t the done thing asking questions like this 👍

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I had the same issue as you, knew there must be farm butchers about reasonably local but struggled to find one. 

In the end I got my stuff from Tarelgin Farm Butchers down Ayr way.  They do free delivery locally and luckily enough my sister stays in Kilmarnock so was able to get it delivered to her place. Got a few pieces from them to date, you phone them early in the week and got it delivered on a Thursday or Friday. 

The phone call is alway interesting, the woman who usually answers the phone is a bit of a character, in a good way, if she’s not sure what you are looking for the butcher will get shouted over and you can explain to him exactly what you are after, seemed to have a reasonable understanding of what I wanted and can’t say I was disappointed. 

I’ve also tried to use Greenhall in Blantyre, this place sell animals literally reared in the fields outside the shop and although very pleasant and helpful, said they couldn’t provide a full brisket due to the way the carcas was split at the slaughter house. I don’t understand the reason for this but I’m not a butcher so what do I know. They do rear wagu cattle tho and I’m sure you could get plenty of other cuts to order, just not a full brisket it seems. 

If you come up with anywhere else I’d love to hear about it

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Thanks for answering, and the wee explanation how of each place works; it’s good to know these things 👍

Ill keep the Blantyre place in mind. Ayrshire is probably too far away, I’m in Linlithgow, West Lothian.

If I come across anywhere, I’ll definitely let you know. My mates Dad is a butcher, I’ll get his take on full briskets and get back to you. I would recommend having a look at Gridiron meat, they’ve got good stuff and have a section just for BBQ.

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