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got my smoker today!

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41 minutes ago, U can do that again said:

On my Napoleon Apollo smoker used a step drill to expand existing opening to fit my Smoke probe through.

Barrel of the probe is about 9.8mm from memory and got couple of larger 12 mm grommet samples for free

took all of a minute to mod.

yes i may have a look and get the drill out and see what i can do, going to bookers this morning gonna get me a box of the meaty ribs and have a go at them 🙂 going to look on here for methods/temp etc.

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Apologies for the dodgy photo showing probe and plank on gasser

Next photo shows temp when put on, slow cook as management not ready if upper the heat, probably about 30mins, just one burner and partially on/off heat lit burner between plank and probe

hope this helps with your planking journey

remember thickness of steak etc being cooked and personal preference all affect cook times



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Hi, i have a couple of steaks in the freezer maybe my next challenge, did my first ribs yesterday ,took about 7 hours in all to reach the 190-205F   internal temps, i had trouble with placing the thermometer in the right place in the ribs so as not to place in fat or near the bone which is sometimes tricky cooking ribs but turned out really good, was impressed for my 1st try 


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