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Finally figured it out!

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So I have had this 1880 French Rôtisserie for about 10 months, and it always puzzled me the correct operation. It was made in the 1880 and came with out any instructions!!

I have used with the pan in the bottom with the charcoal grate sitting in this.



The normal way you would set up a BBQ, charcoal underneath.

The problem I had with this set up was, when you inserted the retaining skewer it would catch the coals, so I would leave a gap in the coals, plus you could not cook anything with a large diameter.

Today I was videoing it, when I opened the top, it always puzzled me why the top hinged. Then I had a light build moment 💡The rack and the charcoal grate sit in the top!

The opposite of what you would normally think!

If you have any thoughts or different set ideas, or know someone who has used one 😂 I would be interested to know.

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Well done that man😮😉Will it be making an appearance this summer?

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Yes hotter  at top of chamber, lower at bottom, That can be useful, cheesecake bbq style? Something to work out with trial, maybe a couple of oven thermos at different levels of the cooking chamber?

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