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Homemade Rubs, How Long Can They be Kept For?


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Wondering if I make my own homemade rubs, how long you could store them in something like a kilner jar.

Got an electrical spice grinder and it has made a life lot easier, but I still would rather do a large quantity in one go, with it, as devised myself an all rounder rub, that I am happy with. If it keeps for more than 3-6 months and will hopefully free up a bit more space in the kitchen cupboards, as getting quite a large collection of spices and sugars now 😀



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I never grind a load...say a jar full?...I tend to do smaller lots so I have it for a couple of months.  Like the other day when we made that large pork pie, we need a good pince of mace, I use the mace blades. They hold their taste a lot longer than ground mace, so I grind just one blade which give you about a teaspoon, we use what we wanted and the rest went into a small container.

Give it a go with just one of your rubs,  and see how you think it lasts??





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