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Get in my belly

James Wales

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For a small gathering of people i decided to do a porchetta. I dont really know the weight of the belly but i would ask your butcher for a full belly with the ribs still attached. 

Trimming the ribs out is a fairly easy process and you should end up with something that looks like the picture below.  I crosshatched the meat side to let the marinade infuse into the meat20171006_121002.thumb.jpg.3f9337f810f3e85422d6e320e9ce6f2f.jpg

The marinade was a bunch of thyme, 6 garlic cloves, a bunch of rosemary, grated rind of 1 lemon and 1 Orange, salt, pepper,  2 tsp dried sage. After marinating for 24hrs. I began to stuff the belly. I first trimmed a pork fillet up and laid that on the belly. 20171007_135308.thumb.jpg.59ef2236198a0626811d5fe96e5a6bc4.jpg           

I then made a stuffing mixture of similar quantitys to the marinade in a bowl adding 2 white onions and 150g of mushrooms fried till golden brown and left to cool .500g minced pork, 150g dried breadcrumbs. The juice of 1 lemon and 1 Orange. Salt and pepper. I then encased the fillet and began rolling. 20171007_135640.thumb.jpg.7d3fb9e0ff58355255c8d478c52524a5.jpg

The roll should be nice and tight ensuring that most of the stuffing stays in the belly, i then tied the belly at 2cm intervals to keep the whole thing looking nice and neat after rolling i let my porchetta set up in the fridge for another 24hr although i do not believe this step is required and you can just smoke it or grill it as is.




I smoked mine in my Bristol drum smoker at 300f for about 4.5hrs until it reached an internal temp of 170f. Everyone really enjoyed it i will definitely do this again


crispy crackling, soft belly, porky goodness.


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