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Pork Belly Burnt Ends


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Thought I'd share some relatively recent efforts.

Made these a couple of times now. Found the method on Instagram, think they came out ok, definitely tasted good, and only lasted a few minutes!  Although think I could benefit from doing the cubes a little bigger next time. Any recommendations warmly received.

Slab of pork belly cut in to 2.5/3cm squares.  

Oil and add a dry rub. I used this rub from True Red BBQ's book, let there be meat:

250g soft dark brown sugar

125g caster sugar

125g smoked hot paprika

125g fine sea salt

50g cracked black pepper

25g ground ginger

50g garlic powder

25g ground cumin

25g cayenne pepper

This makes loads, obviously. 

Smoke for 3 hours at 250f

Remove and put in an alu tray add BBQ sauce, I used Stubbs, a few nobs of butter, and a couple of tablespoons of honey, mix and cover with foil

put back on BBQ for a further 90 mins around 200f

Then finish for a further 30mins.

Rubbish photos, I'm always too eager to eat!







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20 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

HI Bish, they look great! Pork Belly Burnt ends are the new kid on the block this year!

Not done them before, but I do like Pork Belly!!

I did Brisket Burnt Ends for the first time, at this years Smokers Weekend, boy they tasted good. Recipe under Beef section.


Might give these ago at the weekend!

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  • 7 months later...

I was testing out Pork Belly Burnt Ends this weekend using the method Here

I had to use pork belly strips as that was all my local supermarket had on Friday evening when I was shopping for meat.

After the first stage which was smoking on a rack for a couple of hours.


At this point I had to sprinkle with a good amount of brown sugar and drizzle liberally with honey; then a good bit of butter cut and put on top. Then they were covered with foiled and went back into the smoker for another couple of hours. At which point they looked like this



The next stage is to pour off the liquid, put some more brown sugar over the top and  put it back in the smoker until it's caramelised and gone all sticky and delicious... There aren't any photos of this stage sadly as I was experimenting to see whether or not these would be any good if frozen after the first two stages, then thawed, brought up to temperature and then having the final stage done on the day of eating... I will let you know know when I give them a try in a few weeks but the I tasted after stage two were pretty amazing!! :)


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