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New Year New Bacon

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I did 2 batches of bacon just before the new year, and after 10 days took it out to try some. Absolutely brilliant, this is the 2nd attempt of curing my own bacon and it is amazing. Once paid I’m going to look into getting a cold smoke generator.

One thing I was wondering was how long can you keep the bacon in the fridge? Should I cut it up and freeze it ASAP?

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I was getting a little comfortable with making bacon and doing the same recipe every time, so decided to experiment by adding some Sumac and Bay leaves to see what they brings flavour wise to the bacon when done. Did a nice 2kg piece of loin with #1 cure, salt sugar, Telicherry Pepper, 2 tsps of Sumac and 4 bay leaves. Fingers crossed it works. The loin is a couple of inches thick so will leave for at least a fortnight to cure, before cold smoking







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Whenever you slice your bacon you usually end up with with off-cuts. Depending on how much bacon you make, these can usually be used as lardons. I usually freeze mine and when I have enough I add them to some belly pork (75% belly pork 25% bacon off-cuts) and make them in to bacon sausages. These are amazing and are great to make sausage toad or bangers and mash even more exciting.



Bacon sausages on the right in the smoker. They were part of a 30 Kg batch of various kielbasa/sausages I made for Christmas.



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