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Hello from West London

Paul Watts

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Hi all!  Relative noob here (it seems the more I learn, the more I realise I don't know!)  Been Big Green Egging for a couple of years.  Love doing a whole pork shoulder when I can gather enough hungry mouths.  Recently started rotiserrie-ing thanks to a Kamodoe Joe accessory.  I do love a chicken :)   I'm also a massive pizza fan.  I run an old Uuni 2s.  Thinking of building a proper brick oven so I can cook low and slow as well as high and fast. Cheers!



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Hi Paul - Welcome to the forum. 

Even when you have been BBQ/Smoking for many years there are always new things to learn. 

The Green Egg is a good BBQ smoker and the meat in your photo looks good. Do you only hot roast on it or do you cook low-and-slow too? 

Yes, it can be tough to find enough people to do justice to a large piece of meat - but when you can it is very satisfying. This is one of the reasons we organise a smokers weekend in July each year so that people who can usually only cook for a small group can cook the larger cuts and know that there will be enough people to feed. 2018 will be our 5th year and we are expecting it to be at Billing Aquadrome. Details will be published soon.

I took delivery of a Uuni-3 the day it was released and after a disappointing start have managed to master it and have cooked some great pizza on it.

If you do start to build your brick oven then pay special attention to the air control in order to reliably maintain the low temperatures. You can cook low and slow in the green egg with the appropriate charcoal management and so the brick oven may not be required. If you do not want to use the BGE,  and you are not mainly looking for a garden architectural feature, you may want to consider something like a WSM or a Pro-Q Frontier as these will be easier to control. 

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Hey Wade.  I do a fair bit of low and slow with the egg.  Done some smaller cuts like Picanha's and Denver cuts, finishing up with a reverse sear, and a few briskets too - but that's where you need a good excuse and a lot of friends!  The Egg's pretty reliable, but I haven't bought a flame boss yet - next on the list of accessories, to help me sleep through the night :)

Glad you're getting on with the Uuni 3 - there have been a lot of soot / chemical taste issues - I guess it's all about combustion / air flow.  Very happy with my 2s.

I just fancy a bigger cooking area that would come with a brick oven.  Big pizzas, more than one pizza at a time, and the opportunity to cook some very big pieces of meat (suckling pigs maybe...).  Also, I quite like a project!

Smokin Monkey, I'll check out the QMaster Senior - not heard of it...  Thanks!


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